Fitness Class Timetable

We are proud to offer a wide variety of classes for all abilities in 4 different fitness studios.

Classes are run 7 days a week

Monday Class Instructor
6:30am Spin James
9:30am Spin Huw
09:30am Senior Pilates Louise
10:30am H.I.I.T Louise
5:30pm Tabata Louise
6:00pm Spin Abigail
6:00pm RD Beatbox GI
6:00pm Body Pump Express Louise
6:30pm RD Bounce Louise
7:15pm Pilates Louise
Tuesday Class Instructor
6:30am Bootcamp GI
9:30am Body Combat Louise
10:30am Body Pump Louise
11:30am Abs Blast Louise
5:30pm H.I.I.T Jaynaya
6:00pm Abs and Bands Jaynaya
6:00pm Kettlebells Owain
7:00pm Spin Stephanie
6:45pm Body Jam Jaynaya
Wednesday Class Instructor
6:30am Spin Huw
6:30am Kickstart PT WOW Dan Stanley
9:30am Kettlebells Owain
10:30am Spin James
5:30pm Body Attack Express GI
6:00pm Spin Abigail
6:00pm Body Pump Louise
6:15pm Pro Tech Boxing GI
7:00pm Pilates Louise
Thursday Class Instructor
6:30am Bootcamp GI
9:00am Spin Louise
9:45am Bodypump Louise
10:45am Pilates Louise
5:30pm Abs Blast Louise
6:00pm Body Combat Louise
6:00pm Yoga Richard
6:30pm Spin Owain
7:00pm H.I.I.T Strength Bobbie
Friday Class Instructor
6:30am RD Beatbox Brad / Mikey
9:30am Body Attack Louise
10:30am Tone and Stretch Louise
5:30pm Functional Fit Becky
6:15pm Pro Tech Boxing Kacper
Saturday Class Instructor
08:45am RD Beatbox James
9:30am Body Jam Jaynaya
10:00am Spin Abigail
10:30am Pilates GI
Sunday Class Instructor
09:30am Body Attack Sophia
10:30am Body Pump Sophia
4:00pm Spin Donna