Ongoing Fitness Support

Please find all details below, or for more information contact us today, call 01554 754222 or alternatively email

  • Induction / Assessment

    Induction / Assessment

    You will be given a thorough induction into how to use all the equipment in the gym facility. You then have the option of going through a fitness consultation with a qualified member of staff tailor made to yourself and your fitness requirements. These results will then be taken into your next stage.
  • Personal Programme

    Personal Programme

    The same member of staff will then write you a 4 - 6 week personal fitness program dependent on the findings from your consultation. A walkthrough of the program and its exercises will be then provided ensuring no confusion.
  • Re-Programming


    4 - 6 weeks later you will be booked in for your program review with the same member of staff. During the review you will discuss your results and your likes/ dislikes from the program. Your review findings then will dictate your new 4 - 6 week program.

    This process is ongoing for the duration of your membership. Ongoing Fitness Support.